Trash Burning

Something I’ve been meaning to mention for quite some time is the act of burning trash.  It’s common place among Kenyans, as there is very little infrastructure regarding waste management.  I have not had to do this myself…I just leave my garbage on my backdoor step and it magically disappears…but numerous other volunteers have mentioned… Continue reading Trash Burning

First African Injury

Scraped my ankle this morning when getting out of the matatu. No worries…I won’t be bleeding to death and no rusty metal touched my skin. What hurts more right now is the singing coming from the kitchen at work.

Nose Picking

You might find this a funny post, but it really is something that can’t be ignored.  People just pick their nose here.  Security guards, waiters, people at the bus stop…everyone just does it…well, I should say the guys do it.  I believe I have found the reason though…there’s just so much dirt and pollution in… Continue reading Nose Picking

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Volunteers in Kenya

I recently had a discussion with a local regarding his feelings of foreign volunteers in Kenya.  He had an interesting perspective to offer.  He said that there have historically been a lot of international NGOs with a strategy in mind to approach African nations…this however is an incorrect assumption.  Even having a strategic approach for… Continue reading Volunteers in Kenya

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Refrigerator = Cold Tusker

Refrigeration is mine at last!!!!  Wahahahaha.  A cold beer has never tasted so good.  I can have leftovers.  Dairy products are back in my life.  Ice will soon chill my water.


If you’re looking to have a little taste of Kenya, but won’t be making the trip to join me. Head to your local specialty beer mart and pick yourself up some Tusker. It’s about $2 a bottle (500ml) and it’s tasty.


Got some more meat today. Thought I’d share the experience with you all. Forgot to get a shot of the butchers, but I’m sure I’ll be going back soon. Nyamachoma = Roasted Meat

Mailing Address

If you care to send me anything, please send to the following address: P.O. Box 13488 – 00800 Nairobi, Kenya Take care when sending packages. Things of value will most likely be taken at customs. I have heard that DHL is a good service to use.

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Walking Everywhere

One thing that has astounded me time and again is the number of people in Nairobi that make their commute by foot.  Everywhere, all day, you can see hundreds of people on any given street moving to and from work or running errands.  Sidewalks are nearly non-existant and most are just dirt/mud with some grass… Continue reading Walking Everywhere

New Video Added

A new video has been added to my site:

Black Beans and Rice

Anyone know how to effectively cook black beans? I soaked them for 10 minutes but it still took 40 minutes to cook me some black beans yesterday…and when I say cooked, I mean barely done and just edible.

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Political Impressions

I was riding around yesterday in a Matatu and in front of us was a crowd of young men going down the street ripping off political posters. At first I thought it was just some school boys cleaning up the walls outside their school. I was mistaken. They were tearing down any poster that was… Continue reading Political Impressions

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JB Gets a Home

I got a place to live! I moved into my place this past weekend. I spent the entire weekend buying furniture, buying household items and cleaning. I forgot how much stuff is required when you start living in a new place…simple things like cleaning supplies, window shades (which I forgot), bathroom mirrors (also forgot) and… Continue reading JB Gets a Home

First Day of Work

So about work. The office I’m working in is right along a very busy highway and surrounded by some farm land. It’s a very small building that is one floor and one hallway. UDPK is on one side and the National Council for Disabled People (something like that) is on the other. I’ll be working… Continue reading First Day of Work

JB Buys a Watch

I ventured out into Nairobi this weekend…took a leap into the deep end. One thing I did do was purchase a cheaper watch that isn’t so desirable. I settled upon the beauty in the picture…a 1980’s Casio…nice. Talked him down from 3000/- to 500/-…which apparenlty was still a rip off. I can’t wait to show… Continue reading JB Buys a Watch