We Have Tomatoes People!!!

I came to the realization some time ago that if I have my plant inside that it’ll never be pollinated and thus no tomatoes. Dad, please put my coffee plant outside…I believe this might be why my plant is 4 years and have nothing thus far. Any way…I’ve been watching the plant closely and it’s… Continue reading We Have Tomatoes People!!!


Opuwo bread does not have preservatives. What does this mean? Day one…this is the best bread you’ve ever had, it’s warm, soft and tasty. Day two…still pretty darn good. Day three…marginally edible. Day four…didn’t I buy bread because this has a slight taste of terrible and dry. Day five…I have created a science experiment. Day… Continue reading Preservatives

Opuwo Made Famous…Again

A NY Times article here talks about Opuwo. This is where I live and work and may provide an alternative and perhaps socially more reputable point of view. But I ask you, what is more reputable that my point of view exactly?

Castlevania Conquered

That’s right. I did it. Dracula and Death tag team were no match for my twirly bible and vampire killer whip. They talked a big game, but at the end of the day they lost like the rest of them…Frankenstein…dead…Werewolf…dead…Medusa…dead…strange big guy with brain popping out of his head…dead. Only problem…now what am I supposed… Continue reading Castlevania Conquered

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Goat Trail Bike Ride

It’s Saturday and with little to do today I figured I’d get outside and try my luck at the bike trail that I failed at so miserably last time. This time I planned ahead, spacer, extra tube, pump, multi-tool and water. All preparations made I headed off for the trail. Let me tell you, this… Continue reading Goat Trail Bike Ride

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OK Runs Out of Water

My go-to supermarket here has been out of water for more than a week. I’ve resorted to reducing water intake and upping Sprite intake. Now, this is probably not the best idea so today I decided to expand my shopping horizons. Agra, the agricultural supply store, low and behold, had 5 liter jugs just sitting… Continue reading OK Runs Out of Water

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