It’s hard to believe we were enjoying the warm Kenyan sun just 10 days ago.

Merry Christmas

Santa was awesome this year and brought us 10 inches of fresh powder. Unbelievable.

Christmas Snow

Weather Shock

I know that I’ve been experiencing cold winters my entire life, but going from sitting by the pool to snow yesterday was quite a shock. Looking forward to the slopes of CO though.

I think I’ll be wearing this today.


We’re Back!

Sure, we’re minus 2 bags, but we’re back!

After 3 months…

And the best tusker I’ve had while in Kenya is at the airport on my way out. They must have the bottling plant near the airport.


A Little Taste of the Masai Mara

There will be more pictures and stories to come, but I wanted to get these out before we headed out later today to go back home.












Back in Nairobi Again

We had an awesome trip to the Masai Mara and I look forward to posting more about it and Amboseli once I get the time. We’re here for one night and then off to Cincinnati. See you all again soon.

The Flight that Almost Wasn’t

Apparently someone in the flight booking department didn’t want me to leave Kenya, because as of 30 minutes ago, I had no seat on a flight out of the country. I luckily checked my flights and found that this serious mistake had been made.

After 20 minutes on the phone I had been told that the original flight had been cancelled and I was now going to have to fly through Amsterdam, then to Paris and finally on to Cincinnati. I told them that Shannon’s flight had not been cancelled and was the same flight I was originally on. After 20 more minutes, they concluded that we were right and that I could get on the same Kenya Airways flight to Paris from Nairobi.

Next up was the seating, I did not have a seat even though I was originally next to Shannon. Another call and we’re all squared away.

Thank goodness calls to the U.S. are only 5 shillings a minute.


Amboseli was a blast. Hundreds of elephants, sleepy lions, Kilimanjaro, hippos, monkeys, baboons. It was incredible.

On our way back to Nairobi to catch a flight to the Masai Mara.

Hope to share more about it soon, but here are a few pics to start.




We’re off on our safari. First stop, Amboseli.

88mph Demo Day

88mph Demo Day was a complete success. I’ll have to fill you in later, but here are some initial pics.

For the complete set of pictures check out this album:

Prepping for Demo Day

Shan’s Enjoying the Weather


If there was one reason to move to Nairobi it would be the weather.

The Faces of Startups


Serah (left) and Abagi (right) from Closet49.


Daniel (left) and John (right) from M-Pepea.


Gustav from Mdundo.



Duncan (top) and Steve (bottom) from Manyatta Rent.




Abiola (top), Adebayo (middle) and Olamide (bottom) from Gamsole.

Hard at Work

2 more days until Demo Day.  Working hard for our startups.


Weekend in Lake Naivasha / Mt Longonot Lodge

Shan and I decided to spend the weekend outside of Nairobi to enjoy neighboring Naivasha. Our goal was to enjoy Hells Gate National Park and see some hippos. What we got was so much more.


We booked a night at the Mt. Longonot Lodge based on the notion that I thought it’d be cool to stay near an extinct volcano. Turned out to be a good thought. We were the only ones there. The place was built back around the second world war and turns out that Ernest Hemmingway’s 2nd wife lived there. I believe we actually stayed in her room.



Our meals were served in a fashion that I can only explain as being a hollywood depiction of Africa. Table out in the grass, under the acacia tree, with a breathtaking view.


The staff Klaus, Duncan and Kris were wonderful. Klaus is a 70 year old German gentleman who arrived just a couple of years ago to spend the rest of his years in what I consider a paradise.

We started the weekend with a trip to Hells Gate National Park for some bike riding. I’d been there before just a couple weeks prior, but had such an amazing time that I wanted to bring Shan. It did not disappoint. Our ride started with an approaching thunderstorm, but we threw caution to the wind and headed out. A little rain never stopped us. We saw zebra, warthogs, gazelle and even managed to see a herd of water buffalo (thankfully from a distance).


We made our way to the gorge for a nice tour. Our guide Joseph decided that we were the adventurous type and we took the double black diamond way into the gorge on a rope. I was very proud of Shan as she hurried her way down as I was the one feeling timid. It was cool though as on my previous trip we avoided this way so we got to see a lot of new things. I couldn’t help but feel we were hurrying through our journey though. I later learned that Kenya was playing Uganda in soccer; it then made a lot of sense.



Our return journey on the bikes presented us with the most amazing rainbow we both had ever seen.


It also presented us with water buffalo just about 5o feet off the road. Having heard quite a few stories about the dangers of water buffalo we weren’t really sure what to do. We did what any clueless person would do and we proceeded and at quite a quick pace. The first group we encountered seemed to take a step toward us. We watched with held breath as we sped by. Phew. Then another group on the right. This group was startled and ran away. We escaped unscathed and with a good story. We certainly weren’t in any danger, but sure was an interesting moment. Just glad there weren’t any lions.

That evening we had an amazing dinner, bon fire and enjoyed the sky full of stars. We saw water buffalo and hyenas at the watering hole. I have to say that it was a great night sleep on a very comfortable bed.

The next morning we arranged to go out on a nature walk at 7am with a Masai guide. Nothing like walking in the bush of Kenya. The sound of a herd of gazelle running is quite an amazing sound that I hope you all can experience some day.


Breakfast was ready for us when we returned and in their amazing fashion was situated again in the grass land outside the building. I’ve really never felt so relaxed.

It was a good thing because what came next was a boat ride to see Africa’s most dangerous animal, the hippo. This boat ride was amazing on Lake Naivasha. We saw hundreds of birds and dozens of hippos. I can recommend this trip to anyone.




Our return trip found me driving Klaus’s 25 year old Land Rover Defender through the fields of the ranch in pursuit of 3 ostrich. I think this weekend was a perpetual dream to me as I kept feeling like I needed to pitch myself. Truly an amazing two days.



The trip was capped off with another amazing meal on the porch of the lodge as a rain storm came in. It was chilly and great weather for a nap, which I happily obliged myself with.

The Final Week

We are officially one week away from the 88mph Demo Day and concurrently, my final day of work in Nairobi. It’s flown by and we’re making it go even faster with how busy we are getting everything ready. Pitch practice, booth design, financial scenarios, you name it, we’re getting it ready.

She’s In the Air!

Shannon Arrives Today!

After not seeing her for two months, Shannon arrives in Nairobi this evening. She’s currently enjoying the airport in Paris and will soon be on her way to Kenya. I can’t wait.

Nairobi Christmas Fair

Had a great day with Gustav and his family at the Nairobi Christmas Fair. Found lots of cool stuff for Christmas gifts.