JB in the USA

As many of you know, I have been back in the states for roughly 2 weeks after being displaced from Kenya due to the violence following the December 07 election.  I have been patiently waiting and deciding what to do…even after having been given the green light to return.  I received news today that the program in Kenya has been suspended for at least 4 weeks with a further review pending.  I’m sure this is the right move on the program’s part and has now left me in a quandary.  Perhaps you will find the next time you read my blog that I will be off to another country.  You may find that I have returned to work.  I’m not sure right now.  I’ll keep you posted and sorry for leaving you hanging for those who are reading.

Quick Cairo Impression

I can tell you one thing about Cairo.  It’s huge.  25 million people huge.  Crazy crazy driving huge.  Lots of koshery (yummy food) huge.  Longest river in the world (Nile) huge.  I recommend a trip not for the pyramids, the mummies, the sphinx…but just for the culture and life of the city.

JB in Egypt

I am now officially added to the number of 250,000 displaced individuals as a result of the Kenyan elections of 2007.  My vacation has been extended in Egypt due my inability to return to Kenya per instruction.  We’ll see what happens.  I hope to share my tales from the past 4 weeks soon, but you’ve waited this long so perhaps you can wait just a little bit longer.