The Blog is Back!

One year later I’ve finally managed to figure out to recover my old site database. I’ll be making some changes around here for the purpose of nothing in particular. Frankly, I’ll probably not write much of anything and instead focus on JB Woodruff Design and my new JB Woodruff Photography site.

Our Cape Town Home

Hard to believe it’s almost been 2 weeks since we left Cape Town. Been going through the photos and found one that I never got to post. It’s the outside of the building we lived in; 220 Westside Studios. Our place is one floor down from the top and the one with the windows open.


Been back home for over a week now and settling back into life. One thing I immediately noticed when we returned is just how green it is around here. Not that things aren’t green in Cape Town, but you don’t really have the forests or trees everywhere. Perhaps it’s the different types of trees, city …

88mph Demo Day Prep Photos

Crunch weekend before the big day was held at Kresten’s place. Here are the photos:

No Devil’s Peak Hike

So we have one more full day here and we thought we’d pack a picnic and hike up Devil’s Peak. We woke up to this sight. Now on to Plan B > Figure out what Plan B is.

Lion’s Head Photos Uploaded – Apr 20th

I have a mountain of photos to get through and upload, but here’s a gallery I’ve uploaded from my second hike of Lion’s Head on April 20th. Got some great shots this day. Photo Gallery:

We Saw Cheetahs Today!

I know my posts have been all over the place and things haven’t been in order. The first step is admitting I have a problem and it’s something I’m working on. But seriously, we saw some cheetahs today! Sure, they were in big cages, but pretty cool stuff nevertheless.

88mph Cape Town 2013 Demo Day

The program has officially come to an end. It culminated with our Demo Day this past Thursday, April 25th. The format was 10 startups pitching their business ideas to potential investors and media.

Lion’s Head Sunrise Hike

After hiking Lion’s Head this past weekend we decided that once a week isn’t enough. We woke up this morning at 5:30am and headed out in the dark. I was joined by Arnaud, Stefano and Rahul. What a great way to wake up and watch the sun rise.

Levitating on Lion’s Head

Nice hike this morning with Arnaud, Stefano, Eliana (Stefano’s daughter), Nick and Jess. Great times, but we found a pocket on the mountain where you could float. Pretty wild stuff.

Great Dinner with My Lovely Wife

The night before Shannon headed off around the world, we headed to The Greenhouse for dinner. An amazing place with very creative dishes. I suggest it if you’re really in the mood for something different and special.