Quick Cairo Impression

I can tell you one thing about Cairo.  It’s huge.  25 million people huge.  Crazy crazy driving huge.  Lots of koshery (yummy food) huge.  Longest river in the world (Nile) huge.  I recommend a trip not for the pyramids, the mummies, the sphinx…but just for the culture and life of the city.


  1. Welcome back home Safely my friend JB
    you are totaly right to invite to see the real Egypt not only Pyramids and monuments.
    try to explorer the real life in Egypt
    ( current culture, normal people “I mean try to live like Egyptian” ,discover the Egyptian foods like Koshary and Foul and Falafel and Moulokhia,with current habits and traditions..etc )
    all the best for you my dear friend and looking for your photos 🙂

    Mohamed Abbas
    your Egyptian Friend

  2. JB,

    How’s the internet speed back in America…. IT’S TOTALLY SLOW HERE IN KENYA STILL. Thanks for putting the Taita pictures on your picassa… too bad my crappy connection can’t download any of them. I’ll wait for you to come back and give me the RAW stuff 😉

    I’m teaching Programming and Algorithms this semester at the college… should be a blast. hahaha

    Peace out 🙂


  3. Told you Cairo would be busy!!

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