Questions and Answers

More questions have rolled in, this time from the class of 2018. So here go a few:

Do you wish you could stay longer?

If the job would change then maybe, but honestly looking forward to coming home for a while.

How old are you?

I’m 26…I was born in 1982

What do you eat and do you like it?

I eat food and I love it. Specifically, the same stuff you eat in the U.S., but there is no fast food where I live.

Where do you sleep?

I have a bed in my own house. this makes for good sleeping usually.

What do you have to play with?

I play soccer a lot, I have a bike that I go for rides around the area, I have a computer for most of my entertainment

What do you do there?

During the week I work, evenings I work out, coach soccer, do some blogging, graphic design. Weekends I like to go on long bike rides, go up the pool at the local lodge, a lot of relaxing.

Have you seen a zebra up close?

10 feet close…lots of them, but none where I live.

Do you enjoy it there?

For the most part it’s great, but would be nice to have more friends/family here with me. It’s relaxing…no tv, no traffic…very quiet.

Where do you stay?

I have my own house within the grounds of the Opuwo hospital

Do you like to take pictures?

Definitely, try to get pictures whenever I can. I actually have a cool project I am working on every day…it’s a secret though.

Have you seen a monkey?

I see a monkey every time I look in the mirror. I have seen some baboons in Namibia…Ms. Reid has also seen them.

Can you speak any of their language?

Aiya…no, not really.

What animals have you seen?

Deep breath…ostrich, elephant, lion, zebra, giraffe, wildebeest, oryx, kudu, seals, pelicans, seagulls, cats, dogs, baboons, big birds, small birds, scorpions, snakes, dolphins, goats, sheep, cows, springbok. Still waiting to see cheetahs, leopards, hippos and rhinos.

Do the kids have some clothes like us?

Kids have tshirts, pants, shorts, shoes…basically the same only most only have one or two of each.

What is your job in africa?

I am the regional IT advisor for the Ministry of Health…I fix computers, provide training and give recommendations for the future.

How do you live without electricity?

I have electricity. Most people in Namibia have electricity. Clean water is another matter.

Have you gotten to ride an elephant before?

I don’t believe so…maybe when I was little, but not here. Wild elephants are not very gentle.

Is Namibia exciting?

Depends what you find exciting. I think the whole place is so new and different than the U.S. that that is exciting enough. You can find excitement if you’re looking for it.

Do you know anybody there?

I do now. I didn’t before I arrived.

Why are you there?

I wanted to volunteer my time and knowledge. Get out of the every day work thing.

What is your favorite animal that you have seen in namibia?

Seals and Elephants…both exciting stories.

Are you allowed to ride elephants in africa?

Not sure on this one. I imagine no, but then again if you manage to get on top of one without getting hurt then maybe.

Have you been teaching anything to any children?

I get to play soccer with some kids so I get to help them with that. Other than that I unfortunately don’t get to work with many kids.

Do I Have Car?

My big brother poses an interesting question – “Do you have a car now?   or are all of you splitting a car?”

No, I do not have a car and after what happened in Kenya, I don’t believe I will ever buy a car on the continent of Africa again.  Let’s hope I can use that donation to its full potential.  I currently have two modes of transportation.  #1, my bike.  I go everywhere with it.  #2, Penny’s truck.  Penny is another VSO volunteer who was given a car for her project.  She has been generous enough to invite me along on various trips to check out local camp sites.  I hope this clears up this mystery.

More Q&A with the Kids

1. is there milk or juice at africa?

Sure is…milk comes in boxes and only needs to be refrigerated after opening. Plenty of juices…many that you can’t regularly get in the U.S. such as mango and guava juices.

2. what’s your favorite movie? mine is horton hears a who

Horton Hears a Who…pretty good and pretty good for you. Because there are so many I have to say that one of my favorites at the moment is The Fifth Element.

3. what is your favorit show that kids like?

What do kids like? I know that I like South Park, but that is not exactly a kids show…more of a big kids show…like me.

4. do you like us?

Sure do…as long as you have been good for Ms. Reid lately.

5. are you going anywhere alse than africa?

I sure hope so, but not in the immediate future. I’ll be back in the U.S. in time for Halloween…one of my favorite holidays.

6. witch one is your favorite: the saints, the giants, the vikings, the 49ers, or the cowboys? (football teams)

Trick Question….The Bengals…Who Dey!!!

7. do you like elmo? (from ryan)

I don’t personally know elmo so I can’t pass judgement…I do like his new dance moves though

8. what is your favorite animal (including miss reid)

If you put it that way, miss reid…otherwise, blue whales.

9. do you like africa or north america better?

Tough question….let me think….i plead the fifth.

10. do you like to ride a horse?

Sure do… a little unnerving, but it’s always a good time.

11. have you seen a turtle in africa yet?

No turtles…just scorpions, giraffes, wild boars, giant crickets, oryx, birds and monitor lizards.

12. do you like the george lopez tv show?

Not sure, but my guess is no.

13. do you like drake and josh? (this is a kids tv show)

Honestly haven’t seen it, but if you guys think it’s good then send me some dvds…no tv here…which is a blessing.

14. have you had a cavity?

Yes, not too many though, brush at least two times a day.

15. when were you born?

February 19th, 1982…mark your calendars.

Miss Reid’s Class Questions

It appears that I’m an interesting guy and a wealth of knowledge as Miss Reid’s 3rd grade class has some questions for me and I have some answers:

Do you like michigan or osu? (you should say michigan because that’s what miss reid really likes)

One more than the other, definitely michigan; however, I believe it’s sacrilegious to say either as I’m a penn state grad.

Do you like cheese, chocolate and pumpkin pie?

Cheese if it’s melted, chocolate if it’s milk chocolate and pumpkin pie all the time.

Do you like horses?

Of course, beautiful and scary at the same time.  First time I rode one I nearly, well kind of did, wet my pants because my cousin kept cracking jokes about his gassy horse.

Do you have friends in Egypt?

I do now.  I met some great people when I visited and hope to keep in contact and see them again soon.

What’s your favorite animal in mason?

Does Miss Reid count?