More Q&A with the Kids

1. is there milk or juice at africa?

Sure is…milk comes in boxes and only needs to be refrigerated after opening. Plenty of juices…many that you can’t regularly get in the U.S. such as mango and guava juices.

2. what’s your favorite movie? mine is horton hears a who

Horton Hears a Who…pretty good and pretty good for you. Because there are so many I have to say that one of my favorites at the moment is The Fifth Element.

3. what is your favorit show that kids like?

What do kids like? I know that I like South Park, but that is not exactly a kids show…more of a big kids show…like me.

4. do you like us?

Sure do…as long as you have been good for Ms. Reid lately.

5. are you going anywhere alse than africa?

I sure hope so, but not in the immediate future. I’ll be back in the U.S. in time for Halloween…one of my favorite holidays.

6. witch one is your favorite: the saints, the giants, the vikings, the 49ers, or the cowboys? (football teams)

Trick Question….The Bengals…Who Dey!!!

7. do you like elmo? (from ryan)

I don’t personally know elmo so I can’t pass judgement…I do like his new dance moves though

8. what is your favorite animal (including miss reid)

If you put it that way, miss reid…otherwise, blue whales.

9. do you like africa or north america better?

Tough question….let me think….i plead the fifth.

10. do you like to ride a horse?

Sure do… a little unnerving, but it’s always a good time.

11. have you seen a turtle in africa yet?

No turtles…just scorpions, giraffes, wild boars, giant crickets, oryx, birds and monitor lizards.

12. do you like the george lopez tv show?

Not sure, but my guess is no.

13. do you like drake and josh? (this is a kids tv show)

Honestly haven’t seen it, but if you guys think it’s good then send me some dvds…no tv here…which is a blessing.

14. have you had a cavity?

Yes, not too many though, brush at least two times a day.

15. when were you born?

February 19th, 1982…mark your calendars.

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