Miss Reid’s Class Questions

It appears that I’m an interesting guy and a wealth of knowledge as Miss Reid’s 3rd grade class has some questions for me and I have some answers:

Do you like michigan or osu? (you should say michigan because that’s what miss reid really likes)

One more than the other, definitely michigan; however, I believe it’s sacrilegious to say either as I’m a penn state grad.

Do you like cheese, chocolate and pumpkin pie?

Cheese if it’s melted, chocolate if it’s milk chocolate and pumpkin pie all the time.

Do you like horses?

Of course, beautiful and scary at the same time.  First time I rode one I nearly, well kind of did, wet my pants because my cousin kept cracking jokes about his gassy horse.

Do you have friends in Egypt?

I do now.  I met some great people when I visited and hope to keep in contact and see them again soon.

What’s your favorite animal in mason?

Does Miss Reid count?

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