88mph Demo Day Prep Photos

Crunch weekend before the big day was held at Kresten’s place. Here are the photos: http://photography.jbwoodruff.com/Travel/Cape-Town-2013/2013420-Demo-Day-Prep-Weekend/

88mph Cape Town 2013 Demo Day

The program has officially come to an end. It culminated with our Demo Day this past Thursday, April 25th. The format was 10 startups pitching their business ideas to potential investors and media.

Mentor Wisdom

88mph brought in over 30 mentors for the first two weeks of the program to share their wisdom. Here’s a quick video we put together on the topic:

88mph Demo Day

88mph Demo Day was a complete success. I’ll have to fill you in later, but here are some initial pics. For the complete set of pictures check out this album: http://photography.jbwoodruff.com/Travel/Kenya-2012/20121213-88mph-Demo-Day/

The Faces of Startups

Serah (left) and Abagi (right) from Closet49. Daniel (left) and John (right) from M-Pepea. Gustav from Mdundo. Duncan (top) and Steve (bottom) from Manyatta Rent. Abiola (top), Adebayo (middle) and Olamide (bottom) from Gamsole.

The Final Week

We are officially one week away from the 88mph Demo Day and concurrently, my final day of work in Nairobi. It’s flown by and we’re making it go even faster with how busy we are getting everything ready. Pitch practice, booth design, financial scenarios, you name it, we’re getting it ready.

My Gift to Kenya

Besides the hours and hours of work I put in I decided today to go a step further.  The introduction of beer pong.  We all had a blast and I showed them why I’m feared at many tables around the world (not really).  I think this will soon be a weekly thing.

88mph Startup Gallery

I threw these posters together a month ago that provide an outline for each of the startups for the 88mph 2012 fall group. Thought I’d share and see if you can learn a bit about what each is trying to achieve. We’ve come a long way since then and I look forward to sharing the …