Our Cape Town Home

Hard to believe it’s almost been 2 weeks since we left Cape Town. Been going through the photos and found one that I never got to post. It’s the outside of the building we lived in; 220 Westside Studios. Our place is one floor down from the top and the one with the windows open.

88mph Demo Day Prep Photos

Crunch weekend before the big day was held at Kresten’s place. Here are the photos:


Best Fries/Chips in Cape Town


What you’re seeing is the remains of our second helping of triple fried chips from Birds on Bree street. Easily top 5 fried potatoes I’ve ever had.

My Ode to Cape Town


The end is in sight and we’re enjoying our last full day in the city that has been our home for the past 3 months. Lists are my specialty so I’ll share a bit about things we loved in no particular order:

– The seafood
– Table Mountain to wake up to
– Sunsets and Sunrises
– Lion’s Head Hikes
– The markets (thank you hout bay and old biscuit mill)
– The breezy days
– Car guards
– Queuing methods at grocery stores and movie theaters
– At your own risk
– Shark diving
– A different culture to learn from
– the startups/friends at 88mph
– The Woodstock Exchange
– Savanna Dry Cider
– Stellenbosch (wine country)
– The dog’s bollocks (burgers)
– Rooftop movie watching
– Guesthouses
– Road trips
– Running at Sea Point
– Tjing Tjing cocktails
– Biking to work
– Camps Bay and Clifton beaches
– Milk tarts and custard pastries
– Jason Bakery
– Clouds creeping over table mountain
– Fog walls over the water
– oysters and champagne
– Our home away from home
– No TV
– Experiencing SA rugby and having no idea what’s going on
– Braai evenings
– New coffee shops to explore
– Mangoes
– Concerts in the Kirstenbosch
– Old Man Goldfish (our mini)
– Beach peddlers (at your service, don’t be nervous)

No Devil’s Peak Hike

So we have one more full day here and we thought we’d pack a picnic and hike up Devil’s Peak. We woke up to this sight. Now on to Plan B > Figure out what Plan B is.


Lion’s Head Photos Uploaded – Apr 20th

I have a mountain of photos to get through and upload, but here’s a gallery I’ve uploaded from my second hike of Lion’s Head on April 20th. Got some great shots this day.

Photo Gallery: http://photography.jbwoodruff.com/Travel/Cape-Town-2013/2013420-Lions-Head/

Yes, Lion’s Head Again

5 times in 10 days. Not too bad.

Lion’s Head Got to Our Heads

Clouds this morning so we thought we’d do some meditating.

88mph Cape Town 2013 Demo Day

The program has officially come to an end. It culminated with our Demo Day this past Thursday, April 25th. The format was 10 startups pitching their business ideas to potential investors and media.

Lion’s Head Sunrise Hike

After hiking Lion’s Head this past weekend we decided that once a week isn’t enough. We woke up this morning at 5:30am and headed out in the dark. I was joined by Arnaud, Stefano and Rahul. What a great way to wake up and watch the sun rise.

88mph Episode 3 – What’s Your Dream?

Levitating on Lion’s Head

Nice hike this morning with Arnaud, Stefano, Eliana (Stefano’s daughter), Nick and Jess. Great times, but we found a pocket on the mountain where you could float. Pretty wild stuff.

Great Dinner with My Lovely Wife


The night before Shannon headed off around the world, we headed to The Greenhouse for dinner. An amazing place with very creative dishes. I suggest it if you’re really in the mood for something different and special.

Startup Overview: Near A Builder

Startup Overview: Shop Deploy

Startup Overview: Adrenaline Hunter

Sunset in Cape Town

It was a sad day in Cape Town with Shannon’s departure. She’s off to Cairo as I write this. We’ve had an amazing couple of months and can’t believe it’s coming to an end. My sadness was briefly distracted with the sight of a beautiful rainbow during sunset. It’ll be a long two months, but I can’t wait to about her adventures. I’ll try to keep you posted. Now it’s game time with one week until our 88mph Demo Day.

Mweb 88mph Overview Video

Mweb is trying to steal Arnaud and my thunder, but I’d say they did a nice job of it in their video they put out about 88mph.

Parking Ticket Payment Success?

Some of you might remember from my post Don’t Park Here that I had some problems paying my parking fine last time around. I thought I’d give it another go this morning. I woke up early, biked down and found a nice short queue at the Office of Enquiries. I walked up, asked to have my fine reduced as agreed upon by the Prosecutor and you know what? Not in the system.

With the intention of paying my ticket I found it a bit odd that the ticket was not yet in the system, but it had to be paid this week. I pushed further. “But I’m leaving the country soon and would like to make the payment,” I bluffed. “How soon?” he retorted. In an honest, white lie I replied “About 3 weeks.” His lack of confidence that it would be done was revealed when he went away again behind the curtain. He returned shortly telling me that they would make an exception. An exception?!? Paying on time is an exception?

I’m now happy with receipt in hand and payment made.


I’m pretty sure next time that I just shouldn’t pay the ticket and act like I never got one.

Sunday Bike Day


Sunday was my day to try to keep busy since Shannon wasn’t around. My genius solution was to kill myself with a long bike ride. Sure, it wasn’t that daunting, but I saved the hard part for last. My trek took me through the city center, past the V&A waterfront, around Mouille Point, along Sea Point, past Clifton beach and into Camps Bay. The final part was the climb from Camps Bay back over to the city bowl. Needless to say I was huffing and puffing my way up that hill. Only had to get off once to walk so I consider that a success.

Tried an experiment with my GoPro mounted to my bike. Every 10 seconds it took a picture in my attempt to get a time-lapse. My experiment somewhat failed, but here are some pics from the trek.