Safari Pictures Posted

I’ve finally managed to get through all of the safari pictures from Amboseli and the Masai Mara and posted them to my smugmug page. Enjoy! The Masai Mara Amboseli Lake Naivasha

My Gift to Kenya

Besides the hours and hours of work I put in I decided today to go a step further.  The introduction of beer pong.  We all had a blast and I showed them why I’m feared at many tables around the world (not really).  I think this will soon be a weekly thing.

Yes You Can Drink & Drive

Dumbfounded? I was. On our way to Hell’s Gate in Naivasha, we passed this sign on the highway. Turns out it’s for a non-alcoholic beer.

Kenya’s First Highway

The Chinese have been building Kenya a nice new highway.  I’ve been told that people are having to relearn how to drive in a place where such high speeds are possible.  Given the current driving habits of most Kenyans I fear that highways are more of a curse than a blessing.

Bombing in Nairobi

Just to clarify, I’m ok, safe and the bombing was on the other side of town. On Sunday a bomb was placed on a public bus and as such killed 7 and wounded 30 or more. These attacks are taking place due to Kenya’s hand in fighting the Al-Shabaab terrorist group in Somalia. This has …

Nairobi Rains

We’re in one of the rainy seasons. Can’t seem to figure out which, but that means it rains pretty much every day in the evening/night. Check out the downpour in this video. These regularly last for about 30 min to an hour.

Things I Miss

In case you’re considering moving to Nairobi, Kenya here are some things I find I’m missing most. It’s not a long list. Shannon is at the top of this list. In no particular order: Fast Internet (think back to dial-up days) Driving Good hamburgers Ordering a beer/coke and expecting that it’s cold Drinking water from …

Telling Time in Swahili

Our daily Swahili class this morning was focused on telling time and we found out an interesting fact. Here’s how you’d say it’s 7am:  Sasa ni saa moja asubuhi. Let’s deconstruct this sentence. Sasa = Now. Ni = Is. Saa = Time. Moja = One. Asubuhi = Morning. Now you’re probably wondering the exact same …

Sad Elephant Story

I came across a blog post from last year from the Elephant Watch Camp.  It’s a sad story, but highlights a reality that still exists in Kenya.  Not sure how/when/if this is going to stop.  I spoke with a local my first week here that didn’t seem to think poaching is an issue.  Seems like …

Oktoberfest in Nairobi

Big 5 Breweries (same bar that’s in our building) is putting on Oktoberfest this weekend just across the street at the Impala Club.  It’s a 3 day, beer, music and food festival.  We went last night and were greeted by a power outage.  After about 30 minutes the power came back on and we were …

Nairobi Weather

In case you were wondering, thought I’d share a little bit about the weather in Nairobi.  It’s actually quite nice right now.  Every day is just about the same with highs in the low 80s and lows around the low 60s.  Nairobi’s elevation is 5,450 which helps keep the temps down throughout the year as …