The Final Week

We are officially one week away from the 88mph Demo Day and concurrently, my final day of work in Nairobi. It’s flown by and we’re making it go even faster with how busy we are getting everything ready. Pitch practice, booth design, financial scenarios, you name it, we’re getting it ready.


  1. Exciting times. What is the desired outcome of the pitches? Are you going to have VCs there and will there be a decision who gets more funding?

    Are you and Shan going to spend time in Nairobi for a week or so before you head home for then a quick turn-around to CO and then MN?

    • The pitch is designed to generate interest from potential investors. The investors can then follow up with the startups in a convention style format where each startup has a booth. We are projecting to have over 300 people including investors, media and local business people.

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