Clouds of Table Mountain

It’s amazing to watch the clouds pour over Table Mountain. It can be a perfectly clear day and there are clouds. The cause is the winds blowing from the south east coming from False bay and rushing up over the plateau, condensing into clouds and then falling down into the city bowl of Cape Town.

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Prepaid Electricity

A trend in South Africa is to offer prepaid electricity. You top up by going wherever electricity is sold. We go around the corner to the gas station, pay as much as we like and get a token. The token is then entered in the machine and you get more kilowatt hours to work with.… Continue reading Prepaid Electricity

Hout Bay

[easy2map id=15] Today was our first full day with the mini. We had a blast. First stop, Hout Bay for the market. The drive was scenic along the western coastline of the cape. Lots of bicyclists out enjoying the beautiful morning. And us in our miniature orange car chanting ‘I think I can, I think… Continue reading Hout Bay

Cape Town is Windy

I really had no idea but this city is windy! It’s the kind of stuff that blows you over. Might be a good time to pick up kite surfing.

Indaba Design Film Festival

Friday night kicked off the weekend with a quick dinner at Feast right down Bloem street from our place. Apparently it’s now an Indian place (good to know). Got a great R50 buffet and headed off to the Indaba Design Film Festival. We weaved our way through the streets of Cape Town (after forgetting the… Continue reading Indaba Design Film Festival

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Camps Bay

The weekend wasn’t filled entirely with just exercising, we also took some time to enjoy the beach.  Sunday morning rolled around and we decided to head out for Camps Bay.  Blue skies and not a care in the world. We grabbed a cab down the road and headed on over.  It’s on the same road… Continue reading Camps Bay

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Table Mountain

Table Mountain is one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. I now reaffirmed why. Saturday, Shan and I decided to wake up early(ish) and hike up that beautiful mountain outside our window. I completed this trek once before in 2008 with my buddies Todd and Andy. I do not remember it being so… Continue reading Table Mountain