Hout Bay

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Today was our first full day with the mini. We had a blast.
First stop, Hout Bay for the market. The drive was scenic along the western coastline of the cape. Lots of bicyclists out enjoying the beautiful morning. And us in our miniature orange car chanting ‘I think I can, I think I can’ on every hill.

So here’s Hout Bay. Pretty, ain’t it?


Here’s the Market and my beautiful wife:


The market was amazing; for me food, for shan the crafts. I was in heaven. Omelettes, tarts, steamed buns, tea, pizza, lamb sandwiches, fresh oysters and craft beers and wine. Are you kidding me? Even in a small fishing town they manage to host an amazing event every week. This place continues to rock.

Here are some shots of the market:


I managed to stuff myself with oysters and a lamb sandwich. I decided to wash it down with some lemonade and two custard tarts (you must buy these if you go).

We have decided we are starting every Saturday in this manner.


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