Camps Bay

The weekend wasn’t filled entirely with just exercising, we also took some time to enjoy the beach.  Sunday morning rolled around and we decided to head out for Camps Bay.  Blue skies and not a care in the world.

We grabbed a cab down the road and headed on over.  It’s on the same road to Table Mountain.  You go up the hill from where we live just a bit and then back down over the ridge.  It’s a pretty spectacular sight and definitely feel some envy for the folks who live there.


Our feelings were mutual in that we really felt like we can’t be any more fortunate with where we currently are.

We enjoyed a walk on the beach, spicy mojitos while looking over the water, fresh seafood and a beautiful day.  Shan’s favorite part was the topless nature of the beach (note: this statement is not sanctioned by Shan).


The walk along the beach took us from Camps Bay beach to Clifton beach.  I have to say that perhaps Clifton beach is even nicer than Camps Bay. It’s a little more secluded.  The sand is a little nicer.  It even had the multi-million dollar beach homes in the cliffs to go with it.


The water is beautiful, but you better be prepared for some serious shrinkage.  I’m not sure I’ll be swimming much while I’m here.

Overall I can say that these beaches are a perfect compliment to an already awesome place.

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