Best Fries/Chips in Cape Town

What you’re seeing is the remains of our second helping of triple fried chips from Birds on Bree street. Easily top 5 fried potatoes I’ve ever had.

Great Dinner with My Lovely Wife

The night before Shannon headed off around the world, we headed to The Greenhouse for dinner. An amazing place with very creative dishes. I suggest it if you’re really in the mood for something different and special.

Lunch in Heaven

I’m a big backlogged at the moment with my posts so I’ll try to fill you all in soon. So let’s start with Heaven. A couple of weeks ago Shan and I made the decision to get out of town for the weekend and headed to Hermanus. It’s a great beach town and I’ll post… Continue reading Lunch in Heaven

Savoy Cabbage

Taking a trip to Cape Town then this is definitely a restaurant to consider. It’s a small restaurant hidden up Hout, away from the Long St turmoil. The food is excellent. It’s not the cheapest place, but a good value for the high quality. The item we were told we had to try was the… Continue reading Savoy Cabbage

The Dogs Bollocks

Last night we met up with Grant from Innovate the Cape. His dinner suggestion was The Dogs Bollocks. We’re happy he made this suggestion. The ‘restaurant’ is located in the Fringe. It’s in a dark alley with no signage and pretty easy to miss. You definitely wouldn’t just stumble across it, but it’s worth searching… Continue reading The Dogs Bollocks

Hout Bay

[easy2map id=15] Today was our first full day with the mini. We had a blast. First stop, Hout Bay for the market. The drive was scenic along the western coastline of the cape. Lots of bicyclists out enjoying the beautiful morning. And us in our miniature orange car chanting ‘I think I can, I think… Continue reading Hout Bay

A Tale of Two Beers

So I’ve had some time to readjust to life in the U.S. and one big thing I’ve found. The beer in Kenya isn’t very good. Score one for the U.S. Don’t get me wrong. It is good, but only if it is fresh. Refrigeration of beer while transporting isn’t a big thing in Kenya (from… Continue reading A Tale of Two Beers

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Japanese in Kenya

Good old Japanese Teppanyaki.  By far the most expensive food I’ve had since arriving, but also the tastiest.

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Boxed Milk and Dragonfruit

I find that I blog a lot about food; however, when most of my life revolves around it, I find it interesting. Without further ado, boxed milk.  It’s what you buy here. I’ve never had dragonfruit so I bought some the other day.  It’s like a big kiwi. Here’s a video of me giving it… Continue reading Boxed Milk and Dragonfruit

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Delicious Fajitas

Just down the street in the mall there is a place that has delicious fajitas.  This makes me happy.

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Daily Lunch Menu

Apologies on not getting out the tales from the weekend, but I have a ton of photos to get through that I want to make sure to include. In the meantime, there’s a food place out behind our office building.  It is a small corrugated iron and concrete block building about the size of a… Continue reading Daily Lunch Menu

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Namibian Meals

While I was in Opuwo I decided that I’d take a picture of every meal that I prepared. Why? Not really sure, but I figured it’d be cool to look back and see what I made and if I ever need any dinner ideas I’m set. I also think about food pretty much all the… Continue reading Namibian Meals

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I’m Stupid

I decided to go to the bakery today to get bread as it’s a little closer than OK. Now I just want to punch my face. They have this great selection of fresh breads: hoagie buns, peasant rolls, dinner rolls, buns, cinnamon rolls. I’m just sad. I guess there’s always next time and at least… Continue reading I’m Stupid

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Let’s analyze these pretzels i’m eating. ‘Hold on for a wild taste ride ’cause our twisted snacks just won’t be tamed!’ I bought a bag of pretzels, this was not in the arrangement. ‘Each pretzel you pop transports your tongue to a place where sweet honey, tangy mustard and grilled onions fill the prairies with… Continue reading Pretzels

We Have Tomatoes People!!!

I came to the realization some time ago that if I have my plant inside that it’ll never be pollinated and thus no tomatoes. Dad, please put my coffee plant outside…I believe this might be why my plant is 4 years and have nothing thus far. Any way…I’ve been watching the plant closely and it’s… Continue reading We Have Tomatoes People!!!