I’m Stupid

I decided to go to the bakery today to get bread as it’s a little closer than OK. Now I just want to punch my face. They have this great selection of fresh breads: hoagie buns, peasant rolls, dinner rolls, buns, cinnamon rolls. I’m just sad. I guess there’s always next time and at least …

Departure Update

So it appears that I’ll be in Opuwo for a few more days than previously thought. I’ll be leaving on Tuesday of next week. This is good as I won’t have to spend as much time Windhoek. I’ll find some things to write about between now and then.

Goat Gets Hike By Car

I was riding my bike through Opuwo today on the way back from OK and dodge this crazed goat. He had this look in his eye and luckily my brakes were sufficient. Unlucky for the goat, he ran in front of me and right into the front of on-coming traffic. Sammy the taxi driver gave …

Public Urination

Gotta pee? Just go man…just go. In Opuwo it’s fine to just stop on the side of the road and go for it….in the middle of town. This may not be legal but there certainly isn’t any enforcement. Fun little fact.

Final Week

Clearly no one had any guesses for my earlier post regarding how much time I have left….except my wise acre brother…so I thought I’d give it away. This week is officially my final week of work in Opuwo. Yep…that was fast. Granted, I won’t be leaving the African continent for another month, but this will …

Time Change

The time changed this weekend by moving an hour ahead so the result is that it is now a 6 hour time difference between Eastern Standard Time and Opuwo time. Plan accordingly.

Sunday Funday

I can’t disclose too much information, images or videos, but let’s just say I got to go on a little helicopter ride today. This was awesome. Thank you to the guys who set this up.

Someone Is Going to Die

It’s 6am and I’ve been awoken by lovely Otjiherero music pervading my room. I’m going to fight someone. If you are unaware of what type of music this is consider yourself blessed and don’t go looking for it.

I Just Saw a Tractor

This was no ordinary tractor though. Head over to http://www.tractortractor.org/ and check it out. I think I’m going to try to find this lady after work as I think she might have a story or two to tell…at least I’ll try to get a picture with her or something.


Opuwo bread does not have preservatives. What does this mean? Day one…this is the best bread you’ve ever had, it’s warm, soft and tasty. Day two…still pretty darn good. Day three…marginally edible. Day four…didn’t I buy bread because this has a slight taste of terrible and dry. Day five…I have created a science experiment. Day …

Opuwo Made Famous…Again

A NY Times article here talks about Opuwo. This is where I live and work and may provide an alternative and perhaps socially more reputable point of view. But I ask you, what is more reputable that my point of view exactly?