Final Week

Clearly no one had any guesses for my earlier post regarding how much time I have left….except my wise acre brother…so I thought I’d give it away. This week is officially my final week of work in Opuwo. Yep…that was fast. Granted, I won’t be leaving the African continent for another month, but this will be the last week in Opuwo. It’s a bittersweet feeling as most moves are in life. I’ve enjoyed the people, the climate, the daily interactions, the work, the fun, the relaxing, the sports and most of all the simplicity of life here. I can honestly say that I am sad to go, but I have much more to do in my life that would not be possible if I stayed here. I hope that it retains it’s small town charm and ambiance, but like everything it will change. I feel fortunate to have experienced it as it is today in 2008. No definites, but I’d like to return to Opuwo.

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  1. Dude, you’re leaving already! That was quick. I still have 13 months left in Kenya, wooooohooo!

    I’ve been teaching a few classes this semester and last, who knew I’d end up being a full-fledged lecturer? VSO never told me, that’s for sure!

    Anyways, good times, dude. Eat some tacos, straberries, and coffee for me when you go back to the USA.



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