Been back home for over a week now and settling back into life. One thing I immediately noticed when we returned is just how green it is around here. Not that things aren’t green in Cape Town, but you don’t really have the forests or trees everywhere. Perhaps it’s the different types of trees, city… Continue reading Green

My Ode to Cape Town

The end is in sight and we’re enjoying our last full day in the city that has been our home for the past 3 months. Lists are my specialty so I’ll share a bit about things we loved in no particular order: – The seafood – Table Mountain to wake up to – Sunsets and… Continue reading My Ode to Cape Town

Africa According to Americans

Great image that I pulled from . What are your thoughts about Africa? Click to see the full size.

Cape Town Wind

I’ve talked about it before, but on March 30th we had some serious wind in Cape Town. It hit 70km/h gusts. The wind was so strong it was blowing water from the tops of the white peaks in open water. We traveled to Hout Bay this day and sand was being blown across the road.… Continue reading Cape Town Wind

Pedestrians Beware in Cape Town

This is not a friendly city for those wishing to cross the streets. ‘Walk’ signals should be translated as ‘Better not unless you’re sure there aren’t any cars coming, even if you can’t see them at the moment.’ We’ve had our fair share of close calls so consider yourself warned when visiting Cape Town.

Cape Town is Africa Light

I’ve drawn a comparison between African cities/nations and beers. This has nothing to do with skin color mind you. This has everything to do with the development, grittiness and level of chaos. You see, Cape Town is Africa Light. Probably a Bud Light or maybe even something lighter. Kenya I would say is a straight… Continue reading Cape Town is Africa Light

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Kenya’s First Highway

The Chinese have been building Kenya a nice new highway.  I’ve been told that people are having to relearn how to drive in a place where such high speeds are possible.  Given the current driving habits of most Kenyans I fear that highways are more of a curse than a blessing.

Things I Miss

In case you’re considering moving to Nairobi, Kenya here are some things I find I’m missing most. It’s not a long list. Shannon is at the top of this list. In no particular order: Fast Internet (think back to dial-up days) Driving Good hamburgers Ordering a beer/coke and expecting that it’s cold Drinking water from… Continue reading Things I Miss

Sad Elephant Story

I came across a blog post from last year from the Elephant Watch Camp.  It’s a sad story, but highlights a reality that still exists in Kenya.  Not sure how/when/if this is going to stop.  I spoke with a local my first week here that didn’t seem to think poaching is an issue.  Seems like… Continue reading Sad Elephant Story

Life in Nairobi: For 2 Days

Would it be bad if I said that I miss the Opuwo-style Africa? I really can’t complain.  I have a pretty nice place (pictures will come soon), there is a pool outside, I have hot water, electricity is fairly consistent, work is right next door, wifi is at home and at work and there is… Continue reading Life in Nairobi: For 2 Days

Segube Passes

For the past 4 months I’ve been teaching a friend of mine, Segube, within the ministry how to use computers. It’s been a test on both parts, but I can honestly say he’s on the right track…a long track…but the right track. My patience has been stretched to it’s limits. I have enjoyed it though… Continue reading Segube Passes

Public Urination

Gotta pee? Just go man…just go. In Opuwo it’s fine to just stop on the side of the road and go for it….in the middle of town. This may not be legal but there certainly isn’t any enforcement. Fun little fact.

You Know You’re A Tourist When…Part 4: Secret Money Pack

Buy a distinct khaki purse to put your money in. They are to be used only when on vacation in strange and exotic, though potentially dangerous, locales around the globe. Instructions: Put all of your most valuable possessions in this magic bag and your worries will disappear. Features: the bag makes you and your giant… Continue reading You Know You’re A Tourist When…Part 4: Secret Money Pack

Everything Must Go

I put some of my items on sale this week and I can honestly say that the people around the office are talking to me at much greater length than ever before. People are literally fighting over what I’m selling. I’m not selling anything great: iron, sleeping bag, mattress, etc….must be my unbelievable, unbeatable prices.… Continue reading Everything Must Go