Parking Ticket Payment Success?

Some of you might remember from my post Don’t Park Here that I had some problems paying my parking fine last time around. I thought I’d give it another go this morning. I woke up early, biked down and found a nice short queue at the Office of Enquiries. I walked up, asked to have my fine reduced as agreed upon by the Prosecutor and you know what? Not in the system.

With the intention of paying my ticket I found it a bit odd that the ticket was not yet in the system, but it had to be paid this week. I pushed further. “But I’m leaving the country soon and would like to make the payment,” I bluffed. “How soon?” he retorted. In an honest, white lie I replied “About 3 weeks.” His lack of confidence that it would be done was revealed when he went away again behind the curtain. He returned shortly telling me that they would make an exception. An exception?!? Paying on time is an exception?

I’m now happy with receipt in hand and payment made.


I’m pretty sure next time that I just shouldn’t pay the ticket and act like I never got one.

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