Oktoberfest in Nairobi

Big 5 Breweries (same bar that’s in our building) is putting on Oktoberfest this weekend just across the street at the Impala Club.  It’s a 3 day, beer, music and food festival.  We went last night and were greeted by a power outage.  After about 30 minutes the power came back on and we were able to see that the festival is actually pretty cool and definitely doesn’t feel like you’re in Africa.

They included a nice branded 500ml glass in the 3 day price of 1,000 Kshs; that’s about $12.  So for $12 we get entrance for 3 days to a music festival and a souvenir glass.  I consider this a deal.  Oh, and it also includes a beer tasting.

There are some fun and exciting things going on in Nairobi, so if you get the chance to visit Kenya sometime, don’t overlook the city.

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