Things I Miss

In case you’re considering moving to Nairobi, Kenya here are some things I find I’m missing most. It’s not a long list.

Shannon is at the top of this list.

In no particular order:

  • Fast Internet (think back to dial-up days)
  • Driving
  • Good hamburgers
  • Ordering a beer/coke and expecting that it’s cold
  • Drinking water from the tap (and not getting you know what)
  • The absence of malaria – to be fair, there is no malaria in Nairobi, but if you travel outside then you’re on your meds for the next month.

Friends and family are also obvious so have left them off the list. Walvis, you are in there too.


  1. Walvis!

    Hey man! How’s the new gig treating you? Are you planning on coming back for the holidays? Is it possible to smuggle a baby elephant?

    • Things are going really well so far. We’ll be back in town on Dec. 20th and then quickly heading back out for the holidays in Colorado. We will be back in town for at least a month in January.

  2. I was just thinking today about how much we miss seeing you…sharing meals, laughter, lake time, Bengals time and computer help!!! Can’t believe we won’t see you until December…I know a beautiful daughter of mine who misses you terribly, but will be over there soon.
    Bring her back safely and yourself too!
    Mama Reid

  3. So glad to hear you are having this great adventure. I’m sure Shannon can hardly wait to see you. Hope I will get to see you sometime in January, before you leave again. Love you lots. Grandma

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