My Gift to Kenya

Besides the hours and hours of work I put in I decided today to go a step further.  The introduction of beer pong.  We all had a blast and I showed them why I’m feared at many tables around the world (not really).  I think this will soon be a weekly thing.

Looking to Diversify Your Investment Portfolio

Thought i’d throw it out there that all 88mph startups are currently looking for interested investors. The company list is as follows: – Mpepea: emergency micro-loans. Make money by charging interest. – Manyatta Rent: Estate Management software and payment using mobile money systems. Make money by charging fee to reconcile the payment information. – Mdundo: …

88mph Startup Gallery

I threw these posters together a month ago that provide an outline for each of the startups for the 88mph 2012 fall group. Thought I’d share and see if you can learn a bit about what each is trying to achieve. We’ve come a long way since then and I look forward to sharing the …

More Folks from Denmark

For such a small country it sure seems that an awful lot of them are coming to Kenya to do business. Last week a group of 17 Danish consultants came down to do an intense 4 day workshop with our 88mph startups. The goals of the workshop were to provide background info, focus on 3 …

Yes You Can Drink & Drive

Dumbfounded? I was. On our way to Hell’s Gate in Naivasha, we passed this sign on the highway. Turns out it’s for a non-alcoholic beer.

Kenya’s First Highway

The Chinese have been building Kenya a nice new highway.  I’ve been told that people are having to relearn how to drive in a place where such high speeds are possible.  Given the current driving habits of most Kenyans I fear that highways are more of a curse than a blessing.

Japanese in Kenya

Good old Japanese Teppanyaki.  By far the most expensive food I’ve had since arriving, but also the tastiest.

Happy Thanksgiving

Hope you all are getting rested and prepared for a wonderful meal. I had almost forgotten that today was a holiday. I wish I could join in. Please save some pumpkin pie for me. Thankful for: My loving wife My supportive family and friends Trying something new with my career Not thankful for: Mosquitoes that …

Bombing in Nairobi

Just to clarify, I’m ok, safe and the bombing was on the other side of town. On Sunday a bomb was placed on a public bus and as such killed 7 and wounded 30 or more. These attacks are taking place due to Kenya’s hand in fighting the Al-Shabaab terrorist group in Somalia. This has …

Tragedy Strikes…My Hair

So I shaved my head yesterday as I normally do and all went well. Putting on a #4/#3 level was about right and things looked pretty good. Today, I was looking to do a little touch up work and the following resulted. As such, I had to result to the unthinkable. This sucks.

Explaining Tower Defense Games

Working with Abiola (Gamsole) to explain the concept behind tower defense games. We’re hoping he will begin to makes games with mosquitoes as the main character.

Lakota West

I was walking around the mall during lunch today and came across a guy wearing a Lakota West Soccer 2006 t-shirt. Appears that Goodwill goods find their way all over the place.