More Folks from Denmark

For such a small country it sure seems that an awful lot of them are coming to Kenya to do business.

Last week a group of 17 Danish consultants came down to do an intense 4 day workshop with our 88mph startups. The goals of the workshop were to provide background info, focus on 3 key areas that could quickly be improved and then focus on the company pitch. I’d say it was a fairly good success.

It was a welcome addition to the team to have so many people with a professional background like mine. Very structured in the approach and clearly defining the expectations. But I then began to see a side that I had never seen before. Consultants coming in and quickly taking over the daily routines. Now I know how people must feel when I have come in in the past.

As with any consulting gig, the most important thing is proving your worth and establishing a trust that you can and will help with the clients best interest in mind. I think the team that was chosen did a great job at this and the startups were very excited to get involved and listen.

One aspect I saw was that this group was reiterating all of the things we have been telling our startups in the past two months. It was as if the cool uncle came in and validate all of the things that evil parents had been saying all along.

I made a lot of friends last week and I hope I get the chance to work with them again.

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  1. MARILYN woodruff

    So glad you like what your doing, even though I don’t understand it all. Love you

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