A Regular Day At The Soccer Field

So I arrive at the soccer field today around 4pm and start my warm up before we play, per usual. Now, when I arrived at the field I noticed a group of cows were taking an interest in me. These cows had nice big horns, but again, I really thought nothing of them…afterall, there are cows and goats all over the place here. Well…I start my jog across the pitch and I began to notice a sound behind me. To my complete, crap my pants astonishment here was this great big bull coming after me as I’m mozying across the field like some out of place white guy. I’m not sure what to do as I know these things can run pretty fast. There are the goals that I could climb on, but not sure if they’re up for a 170 pound introduction. There is always run around in circles and see if the thing gets tired and keels over considering the complete lack of water these things get…might work. What made sense to me at the time was to just run straight ahead and go for the higher grass toward the airport fence. I mean, this thing can run. I’m zigging and zagging, but it’s right there with me. What did I do? I know my bike is the coolest, but do I really deserve this? As I got closer to the airport fence I see the ladders that Ed (another vol) was telling me about and I make quick use to get to the other side. Success!!! You just read a fictional situation I considered in my head while the cows were looking at me when I arrived at the soccer field today. Sure, I could have told you the truth that the cows did look at me and promptly returned to eating, but where would be the excitement in that story?


  1. You got me. I was laughing because I knew for you to be writing the note you had to have been ok.

  2. hahaha your funny…. you scared the day lights outta me! Then your like oh yeah…. by the way, its fictional…..

  3. I’ll see if I can whip up a few more of these tall tales for your enjoyment.

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