A Tale of Two Beers

So I’ve had some time to readjust to life in the U.S. and one big thing I’ve found. The beer in Kenya isn’t very good. Score one for the U.S.

Kenyan Beer

Don’t get me wrong. It is good, but only if it is fresh. Refrigeration of beer while transporting isn’t a big thing in Kenya (from what I could tell) and as such, the beer can get skunky. I told you all before, the best beer I had was in the airport the day I was leaving. It actually tasted good. That’s how all the beer now tastes to me here in the U.S.

So this leaves the question, is the beer actually skunky or is it just the way it tastes due to different ingredients?

Here’s to hoping that the beer situation is better in Cape Town. If not, there’s always wine.

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