Better Late Than…Well, I’m Just Late On These

Some exciting developments have come into being since Shannon’s arrival and I’ve just been enjoying the company enough to not really care too much about blogging…sorry.  So I’ll just go ahead and throw these out there as they have definitely changed things around here for the better:

1. Dart Board.  A real Unicorn dartboard with real steel darts.  We play this pretty much all night, every night.  Thus far we’re pretty good competition for each other.  Look out for us on the co-ed dart circuit this fall.

2. Mattress.  Gone are the days of stiff necks and aching backs.  During our travels around the country we stopped in Otjiwarongo, bought a mattress and strapped it to the top of the truck.  I’m just thankful it never took flight during our drive.  I would have been sad and some Himba man would have been extremely happy.

3. Hammock.  Shannon was awesome and brought me this hammock for two that folds up into a bag about the size of a grapefruit.  This is a daily pleasure and will continue even upon my return home.  Slap strap!

4. Hot Water.  Sure, this deserves it’s own post, but the less time I spend writing the more time I can enjoy the shower.  When last in Windhoek I bought a new heating element for the 200 liter tank I have strapped to my house.  After a day of scraping the calcium deposits out it was good to go.  Goodbye bucket showers, goodbye!

5. Milk Chocolate Oreos.  Have these hit the states yet?  I’ll bring some home with me.

6. African Gas.  nuff said.

7. Bike Wheel.  Remember my tales of my ailing bike?  Well, I attempted to solve all my problems by purchasing replacement parts while in Windhoek.  I even managed to get a new rim to replace the rubber one that came with my bike.  Success on all accounts minus the simple fact that the sales guy sold me a rim that was 3 inches to small.  Nice.  In my excitement upon finding this out, I left the tire and tube out on my porch.  The two apparently felt they had enough of me and rolled away during the night never to be seen again.  A local man came by not long after and was able to fix my old rim, give me a replacement tire and the bike has never been better.  I’ll be training him in computers over the next couple of months to help him get a job as he is currently unemployed.  I’m sure I’ll write more about Godwin as time comes.

8. Tobasco Sauce.  I have managed to discover that the green tabasco sauce is right up my alley.  I wonder if it’s good on cereal because it’s good on everything else.

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  1. We do have milk chocolate oreos — I take an Oreo and dip it into chocolate milk — nuff said.

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