So I buy this thing for about 100 USD.  I ride away and notice a significant wobble coming from the rear…the wheel is not balanced 🙁   I go back and they say I can have my money back or take it to the local garage and they’ll fix it.  I keep the bike and take it to the garage…30 Namibian for each wheel, both end up being messed up.  I go back to place i bought the bike and ask for a refund….manager says no…I ask if he ever wants me to shop there again…he doesn’t seem to mind.  I up the ante with a sympathy angle…But I’m a volunteer on my way to Opuwo and I can’t afford not to be reimbursed…bingo!  60 namibian back in my pocket.  I better get that money back for a brand new bike.  I have my eye on you Cymot!

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