Cape Town is Africa Light

I’ve drawn a comparison between African cities/nations and beers. This has nothing to do with skin color mind you. This has everything to do with the development, grittiness and level of chaos.

You see, Cape Town is Africa Light. Probably a Bud Light or maybe even something lighter.

Kenya I would say is a straight up Ale. Just Africa. The right amount of flavor and moments of taking you to the deep end.

Egypt varies but when I went, it was a lager. Now, it’s probably into the realms of an IPA.

I haven’t been, but I’d say the Congo is probably on the level of the darkest and hoppiest stout you’d ever have in your life. Perhaps something even stronger because I’m not that knowledgable of beer types.

Despite this comparison. I’d say that I love them all. It all depends on the mood. Just like my taste for beer.

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