Dodgy Food Version 2.0

It appears that my love of food has gotten the best of me…again.  I mean, who could resist a chicken, salami, cheese and mayonnaise sandwich?  This guy certainly couldn’t.  Sure, the salami smelled a bit like feet, but being only a week or so old it seemed perfectly natural.  Long story short…I nearly passed out in the grocery store last night due to my nausea, light-headedness and the smells coming from the local Himba people.  The rest of the evening passed as one would expect tossed in with a little ‘Hell Boy’ for comedic relief.

Where was Shannon in all of this?  Shannon was taking a nice day off at the lodge so she missed out on the deliciously devious lunch.  She helped during my times of pain, but was mortified by the sights, sounds and smells.  Too much information?  You betcha!

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