First Day of ‘Work’

So about my first day.  Woke up and found that the common kitchen actually has nothing in common with a common kitchen.  Thus I was forced to eat a banana for breakfast.  This energy lasted about 30 minutes as I got the day started off with a hour long meeting and my stomach was grumbling.  I think no matter what country you’re in, most meetings just aren’t that much fun.  Dr. Akpabio (my supervisor) is great though as he knows his stuff and is very enthusiastic about the possibilities that volunteers bring.  I got some time to talk to him about what his expectations are.  So the list includes:

  • IT support, planning and development for the Ministry of Health in the Kunene Region.  This includes Opuwo, Outjo and Koshaxi(something like that) districts and includes clinics in the plan.  So that’s 3 regional hospitals and 40 or so clinics.
  • Working with the Ministry of Health in Windhoek to ensure all IT practices are standardized…this is more my expectation as it is necessary.
  • Helping the Ministry of Education, Red Cross of Opuwo and the Regional Council of Kunene with their IT…these are all organizations as big as the Ministry of Health and hospital.
  • Graphic Design for the Ministry and Health Education areas.

So I really don’t have that much to do in 6 months.  First task I’ve given myself is to create a map of the hospital (they don’t have one) so I can do some assessment and planning. After all distance is important when figuring out wired/wireless communications.  Then there’s the job of seeing what works and what doesn’t…there’s the rest of my week.

All this aside I do have a very positive outlook on what I’ll be able to provide for the Ministry within the time I am here.  I get to work basically at my own pace as I’m the only IT person in the hospital.  I get the possibility of doing some traveling to see the region.  I think it’s great.

The day concluded with going to the lodge at the top of the hill.  What an amazing place.  I can’t believe it can even exist in a place as small as Opuwo.  I guess the Himba have created Opuwo as quite the tourist destination.  

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