Food that makes JB puke

I like to try new foods and willing to force some things down not to be rude, but yesterday took the gross cake. We had some traditional Namibian food from the Tsumeb area (look it up to see where I am) which did me in. We had some mystery sausage (don’t want know), unknown beef with bone, sandy spinach, white beans of bland, mountains of corn stuff and a chalk cake…oh, and one cooked Mopane worm to see if they are any better when cooked…most definitely not.

Long story short, I guess my mantra of trying new things finally jumped up and bit me in the butt and stomach.  Let’s just say I spent the whole night carrying myself to and from the bathroom.  I’m alive today and a weaker man for it.


  1. JB, perhaps you will think twice about being so adventuresome at meals. The all night trips to the bano aren’t that much fun!

  2. JB,

    I never thought I would come to love sukuma wiki and githeri, but I’m finding myself craving them more and more. It looks like Namibia’s food is a little more exotic than Kenya’s… haha

    Sara let me know you had some crazy experiences so I had to stop by to see what was goin’ on. I just got back from traveling around Tanzania. Kilimanjaro was beautiful.


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