Frustration = Volunteering

I’ve turned over a new leaf in my life over the past couple of years and look positively on most things. Volunteering in general I’m positive about, it’s a great experience, you learn a lot and you help if you can. The last one bears a very important word…IF. If is a funny thing. If you get out of bed today you could be hurt or all of your greatest wishes will come true. If you eat that mopane worm you could become very sick or you could gain super powers and be able to listen to more than one Milli Vanilli song in a row. Now, I tend to think on the positive side and try as hard as I can to get a positive result, but one thing to remember about IF is that it’s often out of your hands. I do have to admit, I’ve been pretty frustrated lately with work. I rarely get the support I need…well…I don’t get any support to help with the projects that I have been brought here to help with. I have felt as though…you know what…it doesn’t matter. What really matters to me is that I make every day matter to me and to those around me. I might not be saving the world, but at least I’m not trying to destroy it.

If the Ministry has money then they can use it to buy beds, life saving medicines, pay doctors, provide treatment for people living on $1 a day or they could use it to pay for Internet. This is why I am happy that I don’t always get my way.

By the way…I can now listen to more than one Milli Vanilli song in a row.

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  1. Just reading some posts, cool stuff. Hey, can you make sure you register that domain name again for Andrew?!…Kidding…

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