Getting Ready: I’ll admit, I was a little frazzled

So I had all day Saturday to get ready to go.  I was pretty much all packed, the weather was beautiful and I had a list of things.  So I got my run in, I had my delicious Qdoba burrito and I got to watch my Nittany Lions pull off a come back.  That all left me with approximately 30 minutes to actually pack and tie up all loose ends.

Being a Woodruff we tend to forget things.  Frankly, if I don’t forget something then I feel that I’m somehow doomed.  So what did I forget?

  • Didn’t put on deodorant for what was to be 16 hours in a plane and about 24 hours total travel time
  • Didn’t include my Reds baseball cap; now they’re definitely winning the World Series
  • My pumpkin pie.  I was so excited that I found one, but my burrito belly wouldn’t have any of it. It’s sitting on my living room table with one minor bite taken out of it.  So heads up folks, pumpkin for Christmas please.

Thank you to Shanna for taking me to the airport and helping to keep me calm. The past couple of days have been quite the emotional stress and I think it was harder this time around than when I was supposed to be gone for a year. I think it might have something to do with a cute blonde wife of mine. She’s the best.

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