Grillin and Chillin

Grillin and Chillin Namibia style. Well, my first week of work is almost over and things are going smoothly so far. I am without a permanent accommodation…a minor detail.

Tuesday night was our cookout at the Kunene campsite. I was nominated/self appointed as the evening’s grill master, which I was more than happy to do. Had a few Windhoek Lagers to enjoy the cool evening while roasting everything from crazy curled sausage to a pumpkin melon thingy.


Things are slower around here and I’m ok with that. One exception would be the local shabeens (bars) where I can hear their music right now…it’s 6:30pm and I’m about a half mile away…loud and clear. Still it’s a slower pace of life and no real hurry to do anything. Not even any TV to waste away the evening…again, I’m ok with this.

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