I Like Camps Bay

What a great day. Today was JB and Shannon relax on the beach day.

We got up at 7:30, went for a run, had a quick bite and headed to Camps Bay around 9am. Camps Bay began with a nice morning coffee and snack on the promenade. The kicker was the Cape Argus cycle race this weekend. It is one of, if not the, biggest general races in the world. They have over 30,000 participants each year who cycle over 100km around the cape. It’s actually the exact same route that Shannon and I took last weekend to Hout Bay. It’d be an amazing route, but certainly challenging.


So here we are watching thousands of cyclists buzz by as us, the lazy ones, enjoy some food and drink looking out on the ocean. I didn’t feel bad about it at all; however, I think I’m set to do this next year. Who’s in?

We subsequently made our way over the temporary bridge, grabbed two lounge chairs and an umbrella and staked out our perfect spot by the water. We were there until 6pm.

The day included reading, sleeping, drawing, swimming, paddle ball and frisbee. We were joined by my colleagues Arnaud and Stefano, plus Stefano’s friend Paolo.


Frisbee was fun but we couldn’t seem to keep the darn thing out of the water. This was no ordinary frisbee as this was the notoriously hard to control Aerobee. Needless to say we spent many a tense moment trying to find this thing in the surf. One such time, all hope seemed lost until it peeked it’s little neon head out of the water. I made a mad dash and dive. Success! Plus Failure! I grabbed the aerobee, but lost my sunglasses. Fortunately, they weren’t the expensive kind. Next time the aerobee went in the water it was Arnaud’s turn to lose his glasses. It was sad, but I laughed a lot during these exercises. We redeemed ourselves later by buying some Foakleys. Original price: R250. Final price: Two for R100. We still got ripped off, but I was happy.

Shan and I enjoyed some paddle ball and reached our collective best rally. Got to always strive for something.


The afternoon proved much windier, but it became amazing as the sun was going down. We grabbed an evening cocktail and watched the sun dip below the horizon. Amazing place to watch.

Camps Bay really is great and I’m surprised it took us this long to enjoy a full day there and watch a sunset. We’ll be going back a whole bunch more.

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