Initial Impressions of Opuwo

With about 30 minutes left to go we started to see some rolling hills in the distance.  Destination Opuwo was not far off.  We started to see an occasional Zimba (pronounced Thimba) woman which is essentially the same as Himba, but they don’t paint their skin.  Being sunday their weren’t too many people out and about.  The hills began to increase in numbers and the surroundings are simply beautiful.  A large mesa is just outside of Opuwo and with the sun going down it really looks awesome. The town itself is sort of situated on the side of small hill with the main street being at the bottom.  One shopping complex exists for all your Opuwo shopping needs.  Much smaller than I thought it would be, but I love it.

We checked into the hospital compound and with the help of Jesse (vol) we were able to get into our temporary housing.  I say ‘we’ because another vol arrived with me.  With my own room I am happy and get all my stuff in one place.  Jesse invited us to dinner so I was more than happy to go eat some food, but then again when am I not happy to eat?  That’s right…earlier in the week when we had some sand with spinach…now I remember.  I met another couple of vols who are married (Jorrit, Frouke and their daughter Silka)  It was an enjoyable evening and glad to know that I have some good people to hang out with while I’m here.

– Air is Clean

– Things are Quiet

I like this place.

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