JB Arrives in Nairobi

It’s been 24hrs since I arrived in Nairobi, Kenya.  First impressions…this should be interesting.  We are a group of 12 volunteers from all over the world and we start out with some language training at the Methodist  Guest House in Nairobi.  Many will leave after the week to head off to their respective positions around the country.  Swahili seems like it’s going to be fun to learn with some difficulties.

Food is ok…edible is good.  Water hasn’t upset my stomach…yet…good.  Beds are comfortable…i could sleep anywhere though.  Water in the shower…warm…good.  Weather…awesome…and this is their rainy season. 

I’m new to the blog things so I’ll try and pick a topic to discuss and avoid jumping around, but look forward to sharing my experience with you.

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