JB Gets a Place to Live

This place is strange, but weirdly awesome.  Get this.  Huge porch.  Nice kitchen with a couple of chairs and a table.  Then the bedroom is on the other side of the wall.  Huge bedroom and not sure why.  The wall clearly did not used to be there and is a makeshift wall as it is hollow.  There are two bathrooms…seriously.  Two whole bathrooms with two sinks in each.  Two toilets and a shower in one with a bench.  A urinal, a toilet, shower and bench in the other.  His and hers.  In each, one of the stalls was locked…creepy.  Door number one revealed a brand new, basically untouched toilet.  Door number two yielded a spider and dirt infested mess…good times.

I have high hopes for the place and am busy planning on remodeling efforts that may or may not involve knocking down part of the wall…painting absurd pictures and phrases on the wall…and making a bedroom out of one of the bathrooms.  So one thing I really want….a hammock for the porch.  Perfect for a hammock.  One of those lightweight camping ones.  Perfect.

Pictures and video will be soon to follow as the weekend is sure to be full of experimentation, cleaning and basic Bob Villa.  More to come as the weekend progresses.

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