JB Learns some Swahili

Habari za jioni? Good evening. The Swahili studies are going well and I’ve found it’s been fairly easy to learn the basics in just two days of study. The remainder of our orientation will be dedicated to learning some practical skills for working in the country as well as some safety and health practices. I just want to know how I can join a football club and start getting some exercise…I don’t think it’s possible to just go running down the streets here.

We’ve been able to leave the training compound to go to the pub down the street at night to grab some national Tusker beers…pretty good…no alcohol in the Methodist guest house. Speaking of which, I woke up this morning to some singing outside where a group of people were being baptised in the pool…yes, Kenya has swimming pools.

Everyone around us have been helpful in practicing the language and learning about the culture and politics…so far, most people say things are fairly corrupt. I think I’ll stay out of those conversations for now.

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