JB Travels to Windhoek

3 am wake up to mosquito who has super speed and unable to kill after numerous attempts

4 am actually get out of bed

4:30 am Find out that the water is off so no shower

4:45am Step out front to find 8 people waiting to pile into small car

5am Depart

7:30am Punctured Tire

8am Spare on and we’re off…for a bit

9 am Run out of gas due to a ‘miscalculation’

10:20am Gas comes

11am Reach Outjo and get to get a small bite

12pm Stop to get tire fixed

1pm Waiting for people to do some shopping…stop at 3 places..come on people!!!

2pm Dozing in car but can’t get comfortable as one butt cheek is apparently dead

3pm I can’t take this anymore just as we enter Windhoek proper

4pm Find out windhoek proper is pretty big and drop some folks off at 2 hospitals…wander to find a man to give him a piece of mail…definitely could have waited until tomorrow

4:30pm Arrive at guest house…my room has three beds on account of them being fully booked. ┬áMassive amounts of pee on toilet seat is always a welcome surprise.

5pm Eat food and rest my back

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