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Things are busy around the office.  I went on my first sales call today for one of the startups, Mpepea (Mmm – pey – pey – ah).  I am the mentor assigned primarily to Mpepea.  The business is designed to make it easy for people to get emergency micro loans via their mobile phones.  The technology uses Mpesa which allows people to pay for things using their phones.  No need to carry cash around.

The primary things we’re working on this week are financial models to prove viability to customers and investors and sales pitch materials to ensure consistency and quality in the sales.  And it’s my 3rd day.

I’m working with the founder, Daniel, every day to help drive business activities to get this in a place by December to show to investors.

That’s not all though, I’ve also started lending a hand to a couple of the other groups to help with brand development and website work.  Here’s the new logo for Manyatta Rent.

They are allowing people to pay for rent via their mobile phones thus saving them tons of time waiting in lines at the banks and having to then take a receipt to their landlords.  Hearing about the problem makes me happy that the U.S. has such a great postal service, checks can be trusted and we have online payments now.

Computers and internet are just too expensive here to make that really viable which is why these mobile solutions are so big.

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  1. Dude, your resume is going to be sick after these 3 months. Keep a running tally of your accomplishments and what you’ve done — quantify, quantify, quantify. It’ll make it easier when you get home and go searching for the U.S. version of this company.

    Your place is sweet. Nice ’80s decorations and furniture.

    Be well and be safe.

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