Last Day in Windhoek

Today was my last in Windhoek and I decided to forgo doing things that I needed to do and went exploring.  I grabbed my camera and ipod and started walking toward the hills.  The neighborhoods here are very nice and very safe to walk around in.  The only drawback you find is that each house is surrounded by a gate and there are usually 2 angry dogs waiting to get their chance to bark at you.  My exploring led me to a hidden trail that led up a mountain where I was sure to get some excellent views.  I was right.  A quick 30 min hike and I was able to see what I’ve posted here.

I promptly was rained on by the cloud you see to the right of the picture and retreated to my luxury suite.  A quick shower and off to buy the things I really needed to get today…bedding, etc.  In my infinite wisdom and luck everything closed at 1pm while it was now 5pm.  Dinner and a walk back home…we’ll see what I plan for tonight…could be a hang out night.

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