Arrive in Windhoek, Namibia.  Is there even a town?  I see nothing from the plane…cool with me.  I’m one of the first in line for customs.  I have a slight problem.  I have been told by my organization to come in as a ‘tourist’ as the work permit is not ready.  I try this.  No address means that doesn’t work.  I tell them reality, they take my passport and make me wait.  When I say wait, that means that all passengers must pass through and then they’ll acknowledge me.  Add 45 min.  They give me a receipt for my passport and tell me I can get it when I have my work permit.

I get my bags and look for someone who is picking me up.  No one.  Apparently I’m a surprise visitor…lucky me.  Get some money out.  Buy a sim card for my phone.  Ring the org and after 2 more hours I get a ride.  The ride is another 45 min. 

All in all, I’m here.

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