Life in Nairobi: For 2 Days

Would it be bad if I said that I miss the Opuwo-style Africa?

I really can’t complain.  I have a pretty nice place (pictures will come soon), there is a pool outside, I have hot water, electricity is fairly consistent, work is right next door, wifi is at home and at work and there is a giant mall about 500 yards down the road.

I went shopping for the essentials today at Nakumatt and they had everything I could ask for and more.

I guess I figured it out.  I kind of miss the experience where THE store would run out of produce after one day. The simplicity that comes with living away from a large city.

I can’t really say I’m upset or unthrilled with my current situation; I really do like it a lot.  I guess I’m just being nostalgic.


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