Lunchtime Experience…possible quality toilet time

We decided to try something different for lunch today…no gas station food. We went down the road to a place that serves roasted meat. They have a list of 4 different cuts of beef to choose from and you get it by the kilo. The actual cow is sitting behind some glass. They grab a huge hunk of meat, butcher it, weigh it and carry by hand to a grill outside. Mark (another volunteer) and I let my colleague Carol order for us. We wait for about 45 minutes and we get a large cutting board of meat that a guy cuts up for us right there…dirty hands and all. We get a plate full of cooked cabbage and some ugali. Tons of fat and tendons with very little meat. The cabbage is suspect due to how long and hot they cooked it. The ugali is ugali so it’s plain and hopefully harmless. So as far as the meal was…about a 3 or so. Regardless, it was certainly an experience that I hope to not be reliving over the next couple of days.

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