‘My Cat’

I now have a regular visitor ever since I began putting my tuna cans out after lunch.  I haven’t come up with a name yet.  I think once I can get within 20 feet I’ll start thinking about it.  Any ideas?

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  1. Your Cousins Lid, and Carolyn

    Here you go, these are some of our *cough* Carolyn’s favorites *cough* umm, and we found them on google somewhere….. Akbar, Apu, Arf, Atilla, Aziza, Babbit, Balthazar, Barky, Bazoo, Beans, BigMac, Brains haha, Buffalo Bill, BuzzBall, Calicalpurnia ;D , Chopstick, Dinglehopper, Dylan, Earl, Eggroll, Exodus, FatCat, Fruitloop, FuzzButt, Gammy Numnum 😀 haha, this is my favorite! Goobs, Godiva, Gus, Lana, Laplover, Sparkplug :), Sybil, Xerox, Zorro……. And my favorite of all, LYDIA!!

    Haha, well hope its ok over there Cous!!

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