‘My Cat’

I now have a regular visitor ever since I began putting my tuna cans out after lunch.  I haven’t come up with a name yet.  I think once I can get within 20 feet I’ll start thinking about it.  Any ideas?


One thought on “‘My Cat’

  1. Your Cousins Lid, and Carolyn

    Here you go, these are some of our *cough* Carolyn’s favorites *cough* umm, and we found them on google somewhere….. Akbar, Apu, Arf, Atilla, Aziza, Babbit, Balthazar, Barky, Bazoo, Beans, BigMac, Brains haha, Buffalo Bill, BuzzBall, Calicalpurnia ;D , Chopstick, Dinglehopper, Dylan, Earl, Eggroll, Exodus, FatCat, Fruitloop, FuzzButt, Gammy Numnum 😀 haha, this is my favorite! Goobs, Godiva, Gus, Lana, Laplover, Sparkplug :), Sybil, Xerox, Zorro……. And my favorite of all, LYDIA!!

    Haha, well hope its ok over there Cous!!


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  • June 17, 2008