Opuwo vs. The Outside World

NewsJust thought about something the other day.  The average person in the world really has no idea what is going on in the world, nor do they care.  What they care about is that they have some food to eat and a place to sleep.  5 liter plastic bottles seem to be the highlight of the day for a young girl who drops by unannounced daily.  When I’m generous, she takes the plastic bottles to a local entrepreneur and makes a quick N$5 on each one.  The local entrepreneur is using the bottles to make none other than illegal alcohol.  Am I liable?  Where was I going with this post?  Oh yeah…people have no idea.  Here in Opuwo we receive the daily newspaper a day late.  Television is fairly sparse.  Internet is unknown to most.  What would your day be like if you weren’t surrounded by all of this and had no idea what was going on with Iran, North Korea and Afghanistan?  My thought is your day might be going a little better and you could focus on the things that you can control.

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