Our Journey to Cape Town


Our journey to Cape Town consisted of the following:

  • Going to CVG 5 hours early in an attempt to catch the earlier flight to Boston
  • Why? We had a 30 min connection in Boston. Meaning, the plane would arrive at 6pm and our next flight left for Amsterdam at 6:30pm. This would officially leave us with 10 minutes to get off the plane and board the next before they closed their doors.
  • Did not catch the earlier flight to Boston and thus forced to return home. This was actually nice because it gave us some time to relax.
  • Return to CVG for our 4pm flight. Flight was delayed multiple times due to a redirected Boston flight that found its way into Cincinnati. As such, we didn’t depart until about 4:30pm. I know you’re all smart, but I’ll clarify anyway, this meant we would arrive at the time of our next flight’s departure. Ugh.
  • Check for next flight to Amsterdam. The next day at 6:30pm. Ugh Ugh.
  • During our flight from CVG to BOS we discovered that our free wifi was telling us that we had a slight chance to arrive before our flight left despite the delays. Why? 160mph tailwind. Our flight was only 1 hr 20 min which I believe is normally 2 hours.
  • We arrived in Boston. Shannon pushed us to the front of the plane so we would be the first ones off. A job well done.
  • We got off the plane at 6:25pm. ‘No way’ I said. The lady greeting us once the plane door open said ‘Yes way.’ She nicely asked us to RUN! Again fortune was on our side. The next flight literally left from the next gate.
  • Board our flight to Amsterdam at 6:30pm with 238 passengers glaring at us.
  • All this ended up being much ado about nothing because our flight didn’t leave from Boston until about 7pm. Why? The same strong tailwind was going to put us into Amsterdam 2 hours early which wasn’t allowed. Flight time was only about 6 hours. Sweet.
  • What was not so sweet. Captain came over the speaker half way into our flight asking everyone to sit down (including flight staff) due to extremely heavy turbulence. What could improve this? Boy who cried wolf. Smooth flight the whole way.
  • Nice break in Amsterdam to have smoothies and bread.
  • Next stop, Cape Town. 11 hours.


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